Business Recycling Boost


Business recycling has received a huge boost on the North Coast.
Resource Recovery Australia (RRA) has been awarded the first Industrial Ecology grant from the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to establish an Industrial Ecology Business Network from the Great Lakes to the Tweed.
"Diversion of organics, that is green waste, timber, food waste, pallets, animal waste is our first major focus," project facilitator Denis Juelicher explained.
"We have a Taree breakfast meeting set for September 24, 7.30-10am and would like to hear from any businesses with a significant supply of organic waste, and from businesses that can utilise the finished product(s)."
"We can do the groundwork for businesses which may not have internal resources to set up sustainable reuse and recycling networks for themselves," RRA manager, Liz Stubbs explained.
Medium and large businesses are encouraged to join this new, free program. Waste to resource networks will enable businesses to reduce their waste to landfill and, for EPA approved projects, more intensive advice, support and direct access to waste management specialists is available.
This inaugural program is part of the NSW government's Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy, investing in the transformation of waste and recycling in NSW. During the coming year, Resource Recovery Australia will engage over 80 businesses to establish business-to business relationships to reuse or process waste into resources, with the aim of diverting an ambitious 6000 tonnes of waste from north coast landfills.
"Our first Networking meeting held in Port Macquarie proved that businesses are eager for waste to resource solutions," Denis added. "Thirty local business and government people attended.
Interest is high around reuse and processing of organic materials, timber, glass and plastics. We're talking with manufacturers, farmers, abattoirs, hospitals and large event organisers. And of course, local recyclers and waste processors are supportive of businesses 'closing the loop' on local waste streams.
"For a lot of medium and large businesses, it's no longer viable to send all their waste to landfill. This funding puts the spotlight on finding new ways to convert the waste of one business into a valuable resource for another."
Resource Recovery Australia (RRA) is a national brokerage and consultancy service with 25 years experience in the waste management industry, including management of the multi-award winning Great Lakes Resource Recovery Park. RRA is a division of not for profit organisation, Great Lakes Community Resources.
"RRA has been funded to deliver Industrial Ecology projects in both the North Coast and the South East regions," executive officer of Great Lakes Community Resources, and founder of Resource Recovery Australia, John Weate said.
"Both projects are actively seeking business participants. So, if your business produces, collects or processes waste materials or industrial by-products, or if your business can incorporate industrial by-products into your processes, products and services, Denis and Lisa will want to hear from you soon."