International waste leader bowled over by our tip, June 2014

A recent visit by international sustainability guru, Warren Snow, has confirmed that Great Lakes Resource Recovery Park (Tuncurry Waste Management Centre) is on the right track. 
The director of Envision waste management consultancy, Mr Snow has seen it all. He is sought out by Councils and communities across New Zealand, Australia, the US, Europe and Asia, to develop entrepreneurial waste management strategies.
Warren was bowled over on his visit to Great Lakes Resource Recovery Park. He described the site as “a mini economic development powerhouse with many jobs and business opportunities being created - while at the same time reducing the community’s waste and saving precious landfill space”. 
He also believes the new ideas being planned for the site will put it in: "best of class - anywhere".
Great Lakes Resource Recovery Park manager, Craig Rees said the level of community involvement really surprised Mr Snow. Groups that participate include the Wallis Lakes Men's Shed, Green community garden, GreenBikes program and the bush regeneration team.
“I think the level of community involvement really surprised him, with the Wallis Lakes Men’s Shed, Green community garden, GreenBikes program and our bush regeneration team.”
“A lot of people don’t realise the impacts of our community's GreenShop and landfill practices. Just last year, these saved Council over $250,000. All profits made by GreenShop sales went straight back into the community, supporting a range of aged, youth and Aboriginal services here in Forster Tuncurry. And we employed and trained 23 local people,” explained Manager, Craig Rees. 
It is an example of holistic thinking that addresses both social and environmental issues as well as economic ones.
“It's already way ahead of most transfer stations with a range of recycling and resource recovery options available to the public before they get to dump their rubbish,” Mr Snow concluded.
Executive Officer of Great Lakes Community Resources, and founder of Resource Recovery, John Weate said this endorsement by a leading international practitioner has been a boost to everybody.
"This collaboration has been a lot of work, by a lot of people, over a lot of years. I’m really proud to think that Tuncurry is taking best practice community development and social enterprise to the world “
Great Lakes Resource Recovery Park and Resource Recovery Australia are projects of Great Lakes Community Resources.