RRA Featured Business in INSIDE WASTE Dec 2014 issue

Dec 2014 edition, Inside Waste, WMAA.  

PROFILE - Resource Recovery Australia

What are the company's main business activities?

Resource Recovery Australia provides coaching, consultancy and operational waste services. We work with councils, communities and businesses to maximise the economic, social and environmental outcomes from resource recovery, using a social enterprise, profit-for-purpose model. This model has been in operation for 25 years at our Great Lakes site in Tuncurry, NSW. By focussing on resource recovery, we maximise diversion from landfill, thereby extending landfill life and increasing its value and we partner with community groups to generate local jobs, which is part of the social enterprise approach.

Who are your key clients and what are your main projects?

Currently our clients are Councils and Aboriginal Land Councils who are interested in establishing resource recovery operations. In Queensland, we are operating Gladstone Shire Council's resource recovery facilities. We have also been working with Carpentaria Shire Council to review their waste facility.

What are some of your activities or initiatives planned for 2015?

We anticipate having another three sites operating a resource recovery business. Councils are also keen to understand how they can use their waste recovery operations to enhance social outcomes, so we are sharing this knowledge, both through consulting and by tendering to operate their sites.

What are the company's long term goals?

Minimise waste by maximising resource recovery, provide employment and do this using economically-viable businesses called social enterprises. We would like to see a Community Recycling Enterprise in every town.

Contact Liz Stubbs, RRA manager, 0417 168 306 or liz.stubbs@resourcerecovery.org.au.