Dani Tuazon

Technical Writer

As Technical Officer, Dani provides technical analysis and guidance within the management team. Her work applies to operations nationally to help establish new resource recovery centres and specifications for processing streams.

With an interest in technical solutions that meet triple bottom line outcomes, Dani’s work has previously included policy research for state and federal government, waste management planning for large residential and commercial developments, and technical analysis and modelling for resource recovery and landfill projects. Through this, she has gained a foundational knowledge in waste management to support RRA social enterprise model of ‘Waste to Wages’.

As a previous environmental consultant, Dani managed waste management projects for clients in waste services, government and construction.

Her training and experience in environmental engineering and community development contributes to delivering RRA's core objectives of resource recovery and social impact. Dani is a proud member of the RRA team, joining in August 2017.