Creative reuse – how to create a scarecrow from an ironing board

Creative reuse and upcycling is a great way to do your bit for the environment. Thinking outside the box and creatively reusing items can:
  • divert precious resources from landfill
  • give you a creative outlet
  • support not-for-profit enterprises like Resource Recovery Australia
  • help you avoid the environmental impacts of manufacturing new products (one of many reasons to choose second-hand first).

Tamara, our Reviva Moss Vale team leader and “reuse queen”, created this latest addition to the Reviva team. This fun reuse scarecrow is made almost entirely from found objects. Tamara saved each item from landfill at Moss Vale Resource Recovery Centre.


What items were used to create the scarecrow upcycling project?

Tamara created our friendly scarecrow from an old ironing board, some pipe corners, two bowls, a plate, some rope/string and a hat from Reviva Moss Vale. To maximise reuse, some of the paint was leftover from other projects. Tamara purchased the pink spray paint to give the scarecrow plenty of personality.

How did Tamara turn an ironing board into a scarecrow?

Tamara started by sanding and spray painting the bold pink ironing board. She attached the face and chest pieces by drilling holes and adding wire, painted pink to fit the theme. Tamara added the finishing touches of some rope hair, and a hat were fixed in place with a trusty (and strong) hot glue.

Can I see the scarecrow upcycling project in person?

This scarecrow now takes pride of place in the garden at the entry to Reviva Moss Vale. It has become a fun talking point, inspiring our local Southern Highlands community to think outside the box and find new purpose for everyday found objects. You can visit Reviva Moss Vale, Monday – Saturday at 177 Berrima Rd, Moss Vale.


What are your favourite reuse and upcycle projects? Share your favourites with us using the contact form below or pop into your local Reviva reuse shop and share them with our friendly team.
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