The Tinkerage is located at
Reviva Dunmore
44 Buckleys Road DUNMORE NSW 2529

Crochet Slippers

Saturday, 20 July 2024 10am – 3pm Facilitator: Bonnie Austin Location: Reviva Dunmore / Shellharbour Crochet a pair of cosy and unique slippers using Recycled t-shirt textile waste with teacher Bonnie Austin. Crochet beginners welcome!

Welcome to Mosaics!

Saturday, 10 August 2024
10am – 3pm
Location: Reviva Dunmore / Shellharbour

Come join us for a fun and creative event where you can unleash your artistic side. Using colourful broken tiles, you will create beautiful functional art for your home or garden. Get creative and revamp a small pot, stepping stone or trivet. Please note that grouting of the mosaics will need to be done another day due to adhesive setting time. This can be done at home or on a Thursday or Friday when The Tinkerage is open.

BYO: Safety googles and wear enclosed shoes.

Tool Maintenance

Saturday, 14 September 2024
10am – 3pm

Facilitator: John Grono
Location: Reviva Dunmore / Shellharbour

Join our teacher John Grono for a hands-on workshop on tool maintenance at 44 Buckleys Road!
Learn life skills on how to keep your tools in top shape so they can last a lifetime. This event is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their tools performing at their best.
BYO: any of your tools that need sharpening, reviving or maintaining!
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn valuable skills. See you there!

Textile Printing

Saturday, 12 October 2024
10am – 3pm
Facilitator: Kathy Orton
Location: Reviva Dunmore / Shellharbour

Join us for a hands-on experience in the art of textile printing. Recycle your fabrics by screen printing onto them with new funky designs. Revamp items such as cushion covers, tote bags, pillowcases, aprons, tea-towels and tablecloths. Teacher Kathy Orton will show you how to print images onto cotton and linen textiles in creative ways.

BYO: Any cushion covers, tote bags, pillow cases, aprons, tea-towels, or some salvaged fabric to print onto. The Tinkerage will also have some to choose from too.
Also bring an apron, a small pair of sharp scissors or a stanley knife.
This event will take place at The Tinkerage 44 Buckleys Road, Dunmore.

Build A Native Bee Hotel

Saturday, 9 November 2024
10am – 3pm
Location: Reviva Dunmore / Shellharbour

Join our teacher and bee guru Alison Mellor for a fun and educational workshop where you can learn how to build your own native bee hotel! Find out about the many kinds of native bees in your garden and using recycled materials, this workshop will teach you how to make little homes to encourage these little pollinators into your garden.

BYO: Safety glasses, ear protection and you must wear enclosed shoes.

Recycled Wire Basketry

Saturday, 30 November 2024
10am – 3pm
Facilitator: Wendy Bell
Location: Reviva Dunmore / Shellharbour

Join our teacher Wendy Bell and get creative using recycled electrical or telephone wire. Try making a small basket or sculpture, trap a rock, make a wall hanging or just experiment. Wendy will teach you a variety of basketry techniques. Beginners and more experienced basket makers are welcome.

44 Buckleys Road, Dummore.
BYO: If you have small fine wire cutters bring them along.

The Tinkerage workshops are FREE for residents living in the Shellharbour City Council area. For non-Shellharbour residents $40 fee applies. 

Bookings are available via EventBrite only.

The Tinkerage Shellharbour is made possible by the generous support of:
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