NSW Leaders Embrace Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness Training

In an effort to foster a more inclusive and culturally sensitive work environment, Community Resources (RRA’s parent organisation) recently organised a comprehensive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness Training program for Resource Recovery Australia’s managers and supervisors in New South Wales (NSW).

The training aimed to deepen their understanding of the history, traditions, and communication practices of First Nations people. The initiative reflects Community Resources’ commitment to promoting diversity, respect, and reconciliation within the organisation.


Our leaders shared some of their key takeaway actions and lessons.
Indigneous artworks provide a connection to Country and help the entire community to feel welcome and acknowledged.
Steve – NSW Manager

As part of the cultural awareness training, Steve Glendenning, the NSW Manager at RRA, took a proactive step towards promoting Indigenous visibility and recognition within the organisation and our Reviva Reuse Shops. He sourced Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags from Federal Members for all NSW sites. This initiative demonstrates RRA’s commitment to showcasing the cultural heritage of Australia’s First Nations people and creating an inclusive atmosphere for the entire community.

Ashlei – RRA Moss Vale Manager – Working on Gundangara Country

For Ashlei, the Moss Vale Manager at RRA, the cultural awareness training provided new perspectives and a profound realisation about the diversity within cultural backgrounds. Ashlei explained that the training helped her understand the unique experiences and challenges faced by individuals, particularly those affected by the stolen generations. It was an eye-opening experience for Ashlei, who now recognises the importance of considering the ongoing impact of historical events on an individual’s identity.

Jarrod – RRA Dunmore Manager – Working on Dharawal Country

Jarrod, the Dunmore Manager at RRA, embraced the cultural awareness training by creating a cultural corner at Reviva Dunmore. The corner features local artworks that celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. This initiative not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the workplace but also provides an opportunity for the team to engage with and appreciate Indigenous art. By promoting local artwork, Jarrod encourages his team to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Lori – ACT Weighbridge Operations Manager – Working on  Ngunnawal Country

As the ACT Weighbridge Operations Manager, Lori recognised the significance of incorporating Indigenous cultural heritage into the workplace environment. She added a visit to Dog Trap Creek, an on-site artefact site, to the induction tour. By including this visit, Lori ensures that team members gain exposure to Aboriginal heritage and gain a better understanding of the importance of preserving and respecting Indigenous culture. This experience encourages a sense of shared responsibility towards cultural heritage.

Richard – RRA MidCoast Operations Manager – Working on Worimi and Biripi Country

Richard, the MidCoast Operations Manager at RRA, gained a deeper understanding of the diverse communication styles employed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This newfound awareness has equipped him with the knowledge to effectively communicate and connect with his Indigenous team members.

One crucial aspect Richard learned during the training was the significance of storytelling as a powerful form of communication within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Understanding the importance of storytelling enables Richard to create an environment where Indigenous team members can express themselves and share their experiences more comfortably.

As Richard travels around, he has started noticing an increasing presence of Country, place names of cultural significance, and First Nations heritage in everyday places. This heightened awareness reflects his commitment to acknowledging and respecting the Indigenous history and connections to the land.


Resource Recovery Australia’s NSW managers and supervisors demonstrated their commitment to promoting cultural awareness and understanding through their participation in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness Training. Each leader gained valuable insights into the history, communication practices, and cultural traditions of First Nations people. Their individual actions, such as flag sourcing, creating cultural corners, and incorporating on-site cultural visits, reflect RRA and Community Resources’ dedication to fostering an inclusive workplace that values diversity and embraces Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Flags Reviva Tuncurry
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flags on display at Reviva Tuncurry - Worimi Country
The cultural corner at Reviva Dunmore - Dharawal Country
RRA ACT induction will now include a visit to Dog Trap Creek, a densely populated artefact site - Ngunnawal Country

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