“Volunteers are a key part of our community and our work. They have the chance to be a part of our work to improve our local environment and make our community stronger.

Jeff Prater | RRA Qld Manager

Volunteering has plenty of benefits for the volunteer, the community and the environment. So what’s in it for you? You could:

  • Learn new skills,
  • Boost your career,
  • Get experience in real working environments,
  • Be a part of the team,
  • Have an enjoyable and rewarding experience working alongside our skilled and knowledgeable team,
  • Support a circular economy,
  • Positively impact our environment by helping to divert waste from landfill for reuse and recycling,
  • Make a real difference to our community,
  • Meet and connect with new people,
  • Give back. 

Volunteering with Resource Recovery Australia and Reviva Reuse Shops helps the environment by:

  • Being a part of a circular economy solution,
  • Reducing consumption and promoting reuse in our community,
  • Diverting waste from landfill for reuse and recycling,
  • Educating the community on the importance of waste diversion, reuse and consumption.

No. While we welcome volunteers that would like to share skills with our community and team, special skills are not required. You will be given a proper safety induction and will gain all skills required during your induction and onsite. 


No! We appreciate that you have other commitments and encourage volunteers from a couple of hours a month to several hours per week. Volunteering should work for you and with your lifestyle.  

Resource Recovery Australia is a safe and inclusive workplace. As a not-for-profit social enterprise our core purpose is to build skills in our community. Volunteers can expect to learn skills including:

  • merchandising – helping to create displays that show the value of second-hand items,
  • safety – ensuring all work is carried out with the safety of the individual, team, community and environment in mind,
  • customer service – communicating with and assisting customers in a retail setting,
  • assessing and pricing second hand goods – helping to sort donations including valuing them prior to sale,
  • team work – working as part of a team to move towards shared goals,
  • waste management – learn about how we divert waste from landfill and why it is important for our community and environment,
  • upcycling and reuse – learn a range of skills and ideas to upcycle and reuse items.

So what do we expect from you as a volunteer? 

  • that you wear appropriate clothing while onsite including closed in shoes (preferably steel caps), long sleeve shirt and pants, and sun protection such as a hat,
  • adherence to our Drug and Alcohol policy. For site safety reasons our Drug and Alcohol policy applies to our team including volunteers. It requires that no team member is under the influence while onsite,
  • that you act legally, ethically, and treat others with respect,
  • that you raise any concerns with us, particularly related to safety in a timely manner.

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Last financial year we helped divert 9,270 tonnes of waste from landfill for reuse and recycling. We employed 183 people, 75% of whom were experiencing barriers when joining.



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