Waste consulting supported by social enterprise

In 2022, the Resource Recovery Australia consulting team partnered with Talis Consultants, planning an illegal dumping study for Campbelltown City Council to be completed early in the new financial year.  

Project lead and NSW Manager Steve Glendenning explains, “It has been great to work with Talis to plan this project. We expect to gain insights into illegal dumping across the Campbelltown region. Our team will complete daily audits and Talis Consultants will collate the data into a report with actions to improve outcomes in the area.” 

“Working with Talis is a great example of how social enterprise and private companies can work together to improve outcomes for communities.” 

RRA’s consulting service operates across Australia. Our team have worked as far away as the East Kimberly region of Western Australia and throughout NSW and Queensland. 

RRA’s consulting offering is tailored, with a focus on #Waste2Wages, people and purpose. Our expertise in reuse shops, whole-of-site design, and additional recycling services, have a proven impact on diverting waste from landfill and creating opportunities for communities.  

Our talented reuse shop consulting team is led by Deputy General Manager Ally Glendenning, our retail and design expert with over 30 years of experience in retail operations. Ally is an ‘ideas person’, balancing practicality with customer experience and beauty. Shop designs, pricing and processes are the basis of RRA’s 10 Reviva Reuse Shops, each successful in diverting impressive amounts of waste from landfill.  

Matt said, “Ally has a unique eye for showing the value in second-hand items. You can always tell when Ally has been onsite and transformed it with her visual merchandising, styling colours and sizes together, show casing the value of each piece.” 

Through RRA’s consulting service, the collective team share a wealth of knowledge with councils and other not-for-profits, optimising sites, and maximising waste diversion.  

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