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Honouring our Elders – Jordy’s experience – NAIDOC Week 2023

In a world often consumed by hustle and bustle, it’s essential to pause and appreciate the guiding lights in our lives. Among the Indigenous peoples of Australia, the role of Elders holds immeasurable significance, shaping the very fabric of their communities. 

The video on the right is a heartfelt conversation between Danna and Jordy from Reviva Toowoomba, where we embark on a journey celebrating the pivotal contributions of Elders and the transformative impact they have on individuals like Jordy.

Jordy, a proud member of the Gunggari tribe from the captivating lands of South West Queensland, opens her heart to share the personal experience of her relationship with her elder.

Jordy explains, “My elder has helped me by sharing important knowledge, which has helped me to learn and grow.”

Jordy has been incredibly fortunate to have her Elder to impart vital knowledge that has shaped her understanding, growth, and resilience. With each interaction, her Elder serves as a living bridge, carrying the sacred teachings, customs, and stories that are the very essence of her Indigenous heritage.

“Elders are important because they are a living connection to the past. Elders serve as teachers, healers, advisers and counsellors,” Jordy said. 

As Jordy’s voice resonates through the conversation, we witness the depth of the bond that forms between an individual and their Elder. To Jordy, her Elder is not only a beacon of wisdom but a foundation of who she is. They are her rock, offering unwavering support and understanding. They are her heart, inspiring her to embrace her heritage. Through their love and guidance, Jordy has discovered a place of belonging, respect, and safety within the Indigenous community—a haven where she feels wanted, valued, and cherished.

“My Elder is my rock and my heart and the reason why I have an Indigenous community which makes me feel wanted and feel respected in a place I’m safe,” Jordy explains. 

This year’s NAIDOC Week theme, “For Our Elders”, shines a light on the profound contributions of Elders, reminding us to honour, appreciate, and acknowledge their tireless efforts in preserving and revitalising cultural traditions. It’s a time to stand together, amplifying the voices of our Elders and thanking them for their unwavering dedication.

We encourage our community to honour and cherish our Elders, not only during NAIDOC Week but every single day. By embracing their legacy, we forge a future that reverberates with diversity, inclusivity, and a deep appreciation for the treasures our Elders have bestowed upon us. Together, let us celebrate, uplift, and safeguard the voices of our Elders.

Thank you Jordy for sharing your heartfelt story. We also extend our appreciation to Danna who beautifully captured this interview.

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