How our #WASTE2WAGES purpose empowers our team

At Resource Recovery Australia, our commitment to a sustainable future goes beyond just waste management – it’s about transforming lives through our not-for-profit purpose, #WASTE2WAGES.

As a social enterprise, we are dedicated to transforming waste into meaningful employment opportunities, providing our team with more than just a job.

#WASTE2WAGES is centred around empowerment, ensuring that our team not only earns a regular, livable wage but also receives continuous support for personal and professional growth. We believe in building skills that extend beyond the workplace, nurturing careers and individuals alike.

By supporting Resource Recovery Australia and #WASTE2WAGES, you are contributing to the ongoing training and development of our team. These opportunities include essential skills training in areas such as merchandising and customer service, as well as qualifications like test and tag, forklift licensing, and truck licensing.

A job with Resource Recovery Australia is more than just a means of earning a living; they are meaningful roles that allow our team to connect with our community and make a positive impact on the environment every day. Through #WASTE2WAGES, we are not just transforming waste – we are transforming lives.

Your continued support plays a crucial role in the success of #WASTE2WAGES and our not-for-profit purpose. It enables us to create a sustainable cycle of employment, training, and community engagement. We extend our heartfelt thanks for standing by us and being a part of our journey.

Thank you for supporting #WASTE2WAGES, where every effort counts towards building a better future for individuals, communities, and the environment. Together, we are making a difference.

Reviva: More Than a Tip Shop

Reviva: More Than a Tip Shop – It’s a Reuse Shop with a Purpose

At Resource Recovery Australia (RRA), we’re more than just a waste management organisation. As a not-for-profit social enterprise, we’ve spent the last 30 years dedicated to keeping waste out of landfill, creating job opportunities for people experiencing barriers to work, and fostering community engagement. One of our standout initiatives is Reviva, our reuse shops that embody the principles of sustainability and social impact.

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