Resource Recovery Australia’s Consulting Triumphs: Unveiling Waste Diversion and Community Potential

RRA’s Consulting Services utilises our operational expertise from over 32 years of our #WASTE2WAGES model to build systems and capacity to divert waste from landfill and to create employment and training opportunities that benefit the community.

The  MiiMi Aboriginal Corporation project provided RRA’s expertise to highlight new ways for MiiMi to create waste diversion and employment opportunities for their community. The project included a site visit to Tuncurry Waste Management Centre where the MiiMi team were able to see RRA’s work first-hand to gain an understanding of the waste diversion, training and development opportunities that our #WASTE2WAGES model provides.

Another project saw us working alongside Talis Consultants on an illegal dumping study for Campbelltown City Council, where together we gained insights into illegal dumping across the Campbelltown region through daily audits.

 RRA’s consulting team then ventured to Fitzroy Crossing, WA and Norfolk Island to provide expertise around site design and waste diversion opportunities.

RRA Deputy General Manager Ally Glendenning says, “Both Fitzroy Crossing and Norfolk Island have huge potential for waste diversion through good site design to maximise reuse and recycling while creating employment opportunities.

“Visiting these more remote communities, and having the teams embrace new ideas and ways of doing things is rewarding. At the end of each visit, we provide a report and action plan for clients to transform their sites.

“Consulting jobs like Fitzroy Crossing and Norfolk Island are a great opportunity for RRA to support waste diversion outcomes in smaller communities. We get to have a great impact and see real, lasting change.”

Read more of Resource Recovery Australia’s impact in our Annual Report here 

Reviva: More Than a Tip Shop

Reviva: More Than a Tip Shop – It’s a Reuse Shop with a Purpose

At Resource Recovery Australia (RRA), we’re more than just a waste management organisation. As a not-for-profit social enterprise, we’ve spent the last 30 years dedicated to keeping waste out of landfill, creating job opportunities for people experiencing barriers to work, and fostering community engagement. One of our standout initiatives is Reviva, our reuse shops that embody the principles of sustainability and social impact.

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